About Me

Hey there all you World of Warcraft enthusiasts.  My name is Gary and I myself am a player of the game.  Although in Tennessee is where my heart is, I currently reside in Texas.  Having played the game since 2005, I have acquired the knowledge to offer secrets and tips, as well as promote several leveling guides that I feel are superior.  Since there wasn’t a wide selection of detailed guides and add-ons when I started out, I was required to learn the game the hard way.  Through using fail rotations and making important mistakes, being called a noob and a huntard, I was able to compile all these honest, yet common sense mistakes into a force to be reckoned with.  Learning the hard way has had its advantages.  I now can be considered an elitist, but am definately not a hardcore player anymore.  Here is a list of my highest level character and their basic details. 


  • ßenedict-Dwarf Hunter-Hellscream-Lvl 80
  • Akeeda-Human Warrior-Shu’ Halo-Lvl 80
  • Neclord-Human Death Knight-Shu’ Halo-Lvl 80
  • Cêcil-Blood Elf Paladin-Area 52-Lvl 72
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