Things to Remember When Playing a Hunter

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So, you have decided a hunter is your class of choice. Unfortunately,  most new players to the game also decide this. With this said, they also do not do the research to fortify their skills and learn the class effectively. Whether you are brand spanking new or a seasoned player, there are always things that you should know that can help you avoid being disbarred from a group or raid.

Love Your Pet

Most new players to the game get to level 10, receive their newest pet of choice, and use them as much as they melee. Hunters tend to feel like they can accomplish the same amount of damage without the use of their pet as any other non-pet classes. BIG MISTAKE. Something you should never forget is that  your pet is equivalent to 20-30% of your max damage. Even if you are seeing extremely high numbers and are satisfied, you will always do 20-30% more damage with a  living, attacking pet. So love your pet, it defines who you are. Use your pet for other things as well, such as destroying totems from enemies. Make sure you read up on which pets generate the most use for you, as they all have unique abilities that can make or break an encounter.

Use Your Traps

It can not be said enough how important a hunter’s trap is. Again, this is something that seems so simple, but it just gets overlooked so much. Snake traps (learned at level 68) apply a movement imparing poison, and offer a decent DPS boost. Freezing traps (learned at 20) are your basic 1-person CC. Remember that the DoT from Serpent sting will break a freezing trap. Frost traps (learned at 28) are a wonderful AOE snare, slowing an infinite number of mobs down to a crawl in a modest sized radius. Freezing arrow (learned at 80) is just a way of throwing a freezing trap a distance away. Your Explosive and Immolation traps should always be used when all others can’t be used effectively, whether for a single target mob with high hit points, or a group of enemies just to add a little extra damage. You’ve got tons of CC (crowd control) and damage, learn to use it!

Watch Your Auto Shot

It can’t be stressed enough that you need to watch where you’re shooting. Many people use the TAB button to switch between targets. Occasionally you will TAB too much and end up pulling a group that was unintended. When you find yourself locked onto a target that you don’t want to pull, you have an extremely limited time to cancel your attack. Step backwards, do a 180 degree turn, or just hit cancel to ensure you do NOT pull something. Your pet works in the same fashion, because when you shoot an enemy, your pet attacks. Keeping it on passive is one remedy, but being fast enough to cancel your attack is a fail-safe action.

Misdirect, Misdirect, Misdirect

Although you don’t get this ability until level 70, misdirect shot will guarantee the tank has threat, send wild mobs back to the tank, or make some near-impossible pulls easier for the tank. Even when soloing, this tactic is important. You can focus the attention on to your pet so you can remain at safe distance. Many hard fought battles are won with the use of Misdirection.
All hunter’s should have this macro:
#showtooltip Misdirection
/cast [@focus] Misdirection

Use Your Situational Abilities

A good tactic for saving healers if and when a mob gets away from the tank is to use your Distracting Shot to pull it towards you, then Feign Death when it gets just outside your hit box. This should give your tank enough time to get the aggro back.  Even an extra buffer for this tactic is to use Concussive Shot, and when it gets close, Wing Clip it to add a little extra time if your tank is exceptionally busy. Disengage also works well if you’re merely kiting the mob around and it gets just a little too close. These tactics are used for more than just saving people, but a hunter should always be on the lookout to support allies in need, ESPECIALLY in PvP!

Now you have a great, basic idea on hunters and their uses. Master these techniques and you will be considered a good player. Hunters are the most criticized players in the game, so learning them quick will save you from humiliation and not finding groups due to your reputation as a “Huntard”. If all else fails and you can’t seem to pick it up, then maybe you should quit playing or just roll a Pally.

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