3 Awesome Reasons to Dungeon Level

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World of Warcraft players the world over all have their own power leveling strategy, but dungeon leveling is absolutely the fastest way to level…the numbers just don’t lie. Each minute that you are fighting mobs in dungeons you will see a drastic increase in experience due to a variety of reasons

Hourly Experience Increases

In the early days of World of Warcraft, if you wanted to do a dungeon you either had to ride, fly or walk to the dungeon. You could also be summoned by your group if you have one, using the summoning stone. At higher levels having a warlock in the group guaranteed a summons. Yet, if you are just starting out chances are you would have to trudge all the way to your selected dungeon, along with your group members. Using the WoW dungeon finder along with Dugi’s Dungeon Guide, you won’t ever have to spend time traveling to your selected dungeon again, saving precious time, giving you more time to grind. No more 20 minute flights or 30 minute walks just to get to the entrance. The dungeon finder takes you right to your dungeon, no matter where you are currently playing. This is by far one of the most exciting aspects of the new dungeon finder.

Increase in Enjoyment

It’s hard to believe WoW fun can be expounded on but dungeon leveling adds a whole new layer of excitement to this already awesome game. Using the dungeon finder to get groups together you get the chance to experience the Classic and Burning Crusades dungeons at a whole new level, maybe even for the first time. This certainly beats grinding out quests for experience! This brings out a fresh new way to introduce new players to the game and new (but old) content for WoW veterans.

Plus, unless you’re antisocial, this is a great opportunity to meet some awesome new WoW lovers like yourself. What could be more fun than that? Each group you encounter will be a little different which allows you to see how other people play their toons. This might even give you some new ideas for your alternate characters. Having different groups also makes each dungeon a little different because everyone reacts to the various bosses uniquely. Another advantage is that “squishys”, (cloth-wearing classes like mages and priests) will also discover that they spend a lot less time being dead because they have four other people helping them level. Healing classes will also find that they don’t have to level using their dps talents and changing to healing in their higher levels because they will have four other people helping them to level. The advantage is that they will be prepared to be an ace healer when they reach 80 and able to heal 10 and 25 man raids with no problems.

Disenchanting Drops: A Great Way to Make Gold

Another facet to dungeon leveling besides all the awesome experience you will get is that you will have the opportunity to learn how to make gold in the auction house. Enchanting materials are very pricey in the auction house and usually high in demand, so it’s a great way to earn extra gold…and who on World of Warcraft doesn’t need more gold! You do have to have an enchanter in your group to get the disenchant option to appear when there is a drop.

Enchanting is a profession for your character which allows you to place bonuses on items worn or weapons. It also allows an enchanter to disenchant items and drops from the mobs and bosses in dungeons. Disenchanting turns the item into usable materials for enchanting. Whenever you’re in a group and someone loots something that is unique, rare, or magical, a box opens that basically asks you what you want to do with the item. If you need the item, you can select “Need.” If more than one person wants the item, you can “Greed” as well and the game will roll you a random number with the highest roll winning. If you have an enchanter in your group, the “Disenchant” icon will be lit up. If you have no interest in the item and the “Disenchant” icon is lit up, you should almost always choose to disenchant. This will allow you to get the enchanting materials and sell them on the auction house.

Instance leveling is so full of advantages and bonuses that it’s just insane to not include it in your leveling schedule! If you’re holding back because of lack of dungeon knowledge, go right now to Dugi’s Dungeon Leveling Guide and implement it into your daily leveling routine. You will be amazed at how fast you will be able to level!

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