How to Use the WoW Auction House

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The World of Warcraft Auction House is a vital component when it comes to thriving in the WoW economy. This information will help you learn how to utilize its awesome power to fund your way from 1-80 and beyond. You will learn how to become a bargain shopper as well as a competitive seller to keep your cash flow moving.

Gamers who play other mmorpgs can testify that WoW’s Auction House is simply a great solution for players causing it to be an item of envy. During game play, you will find it is called AH. You will find AH’s only in the capitol cities of the old map of Azeroth, namely Stormwind, Darnassus, Ironforge, Gadgetzan, and Exodar on the Alliance side and Undercity, Ogrimmar, Thunderbluff and Silvermoon City for the Horde side.

We will begin with an overview of how the Auction House works.

Auction House Basics

When you arrive at the AH, right click on one of the auctioneers. You will find a listing on the left hand side of the window of all the categories of items you can search through. We are going to do an example search to help get you familiar with working in the AH window. Click on the heading for weapons. It will open up a drop down menu with all the sub-categories that you can search for in the auction house. In the header frame at the top, you will see a text box(Name) to type in what you are searching for, to the right of that is a place to type in the Level-Range. This is where you would put in, for example, 48-50 level range. You get the picture. You can search for different quality items as well with the drop down menu  called Rarity which includes all, poor, uncommon, common, rare and epic. Click on the search button on the right side of the header frame.

Some categories have so many items that it would take forever to look through them all, so it might be a good idea to narrow your search using the all button. When you conduct a search and bring up the results, remember to look in the upper right hand corner as there may be numerous pages to look through. There are two clickable boxes to the right of this, one is for showing only the things you can use, the other is to see what it looks like on your character.

If you want to see how an item will look on you, you can hold the CTRL key and left click on the item and you will be able to see your character box showing you equipped with the item, be it armor, weapons, etc…This option is called “the dressing room” with good reason!

If you decide to purchase an item, when you click on it you will see two options. You can Bid on the item and wait to see if the owner will accept your bid, but you also run the risk of losing the item if you are outbid by another player. You can check back periodically and raise your bid if you really want the item, but expect others to do the same. When you bid, the amount of your bid is withdrawn from your bag immediately, but if you are outbid it is returned. If you win the bidding war, the item will be mailed to you when the auction time has ended. It can take up to 48 hours to go through the bidding process, or you can purchase with the Buyout price. It is the maximum price set by the owner and gives you the option of purchasing the item right away. You will receive the item immediately in the mail.

If you have an item that youwould like to sell, the Auctions tab is the on on the far right of the 3 tabs on the botton.  Place an item in the Auction item slot; fill in the Starting price and the Buyout price and the check the length of your Auction duration. You can put 12 hours for short, 24 hours for long and 48 hours for very long auction. If you have more than one of the same item, you may wish to divide them up and sell them individually.

The current AH allows you to price it per stack, or per item. Make sure you click on the correct one. It is advisable that you check the prices on the same item before you make your own auction, lower your price a bit and then place it for sale. If the item is sold you will get the gold on your email with a small percentage fee that the AH takes. If the item isn’t sold it will return to you when the auction expires. One more thing, if you accidentally place the item in for the wrong price, you can click on it and have it returned to you minus auction house fees. AH will mail it to you immediately.

I hope this information has helped you get a better understanding of doing business in the World of Warcraft Auction House.

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