Which WoW Class Is Right For You?

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In World of Warcraft, picking a class can be like choosing the right car to buy.  You need to know what you are getting yourself into before heading out to your own adventure.  Here I will try to break down each class for you so you know exactly what you want, and what they require.  Be aware though, some classes may have alternate roles depending on the spec you use.


Druids are an extremely versatile class, with the ability to fulfil any role – including tank, healer, or DPS – and this versatility makes them a popular choice for new players.  The base stats you want to focus on depends on the role you choose.  If you decide to go Feral, or tank/DPS, then your main stats will be agility, strength, expertise, hit rating, crit rating, and stamina.  Probably in that order.  If you decide the spec Balance, or caster DPS, then your main stats will be intellect, spell power, crit rating, hit rating, and spirit.  Now if you choose Restoration, or healer, then you would focus on spirit, MP5(mana per 5 seconds), spell power, intellect, crit rating, and haste.


Hunters are a ranged class focused on DPS that depend on a pet of their choice to help them in battle.  They have a wide arsenal of abilities making them useful in both PvE or PvP.  Because of the attraction to pets and massive ranged DPS, they are a also a popular choice for new players.  Basically, each spec relies on the same stats, with a few variations.  Your main focus for a hunter is agility, agility, and agility.  Other important stats are hit rating, crit rating, and attack power.  Intellect is also very important if you spec into the talent that adds attack power per intellect.


Mages are in the ranged DPS category, but are fully reliant on spells.  They are extremely powerful and are considered by many as glass canons, due to their cloth armor.  The stats you will want include spell power, intellect, crit rating, haste, hit rating, spell penetration, and spirit.  This class is highly effective with the use of AoE and single target spells, as well as their easy crowd control ability, Polymorph.  Mages can easily pull the most damage in the group if played correctly and geared adequately.  Be warned though, it does not take many hits to kill a mage, thus you are a target.


No matter how you spec, the paladin is a force to be reckoned with.  Paladins are extremely versatile, like the druid, and can fulfil any role with superiority.  They can buff, use auras for the group, hold aggro if tanking, do massive damage if DPS, and can single target heal with the best of them.  One downfall is they have virtually no ranged DPS abilities.  Important stats for Protection, or tank, pallies are defense, stamina, block rating, agility, dodge, parry, intellect, and strength, although strength can be argued against.  Stats to focus on if Retribution, or DPS, are strength, crit rating, spell power, intellect, agility, attack power, hit rating, and stamina.  If you choose to go Holy, or healer, then you would want to focus on intellect, spirit, MP5, spell power, crit rating, maybe haste, and strength!  Ok, just kidding about the strength.


 The priest is by far the best healing class in the game.  They can also be deadly as ranged DPS.  Priests are highly sought after in groups for their group healing abilities and heavy single target healing.  The stats you want to focus most on, both for DPS and healing, are intellect, spirit, spell power, crit rating, and MP5.


The sole purpose of a rogue is melee DPS, with the help of stealthing and attacking the enemy undetected.  Fast burst damage is the goal so you can eliminate them quickly and before they can react.  A rogue is highly hated by most other cloth wearing classes, mostly because of their dirty tricks and poisons.  The stats you will need to focus on are agility, hit rating, expertise, crit rating, haste, attack power, and armor penetration.


Shamans are very versatile, except that they can not tank.  They can be healers, ranged caster DPS, or melee DPS.  They are most notable for their ability to use totems to buff the group, or remove certain debuffs.  They even have a totem to prevent being crowd controlled.  For melee shamans, you will want to stack agility, with a little bit of intellect and crit rating.  Other stats apply but since the shaman is so diverse, so are their stats.  If you are a healer or a spell caster, then you will want intellect, crit rating, spell power, and haste.  Stamina is always a good choice, but you should get that stat without putting any money into it.


Warlocks are a cloth wearing, pet using, spell casting monstrosity.  They have minions for many situations, and their damage over time abilities are heavily feared.  The massive amount of damage they can cause over time is the bread and butter, even after they have come and gone, so have someone who can decurse if you are not a warlock.  Your primary stats are spell power, intellect, spell penetration, crit rating, haste, and hit rating.


Warriors are used for either tanking or melee DPS.  They are far more dependent on the gear they use than other classes, and often carry two sets of armor.  If you want to be a tank, then you will focus on defense rating, block rating, dodge rating, stamina, hit rating, expertise, and parry rating.

Death Knight

Death Knights are the first hero class in World of Warcraft, and are crazy powerful.  You may either tank or DPS as a DK, and you will find that tanking is alot harder to accomplish if you are not experienced with the class.  For the DPS death knight, you will focus your stats on strength, crit rating, hit rating, expertise, and for low priority, agility and attack power.  If you do decide to tank, then top priority stats are defense rating, dodge rating, parry rating, and stamina.  Among these stats, you will also need to apply the DPS stats.

In Conclusion

Now I have given you a very basic overview of each class in WoW and the stats you will need to focus on.  There are many forums online to help you further your research, but I hope I have been a great start to helping you choose the class that best suits you.  There is much more to learn about the classes and their stats, but now you have a better understanding at which ones you will look into most.  So, which WoW class is right for you?

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