Joana’s Horde Leveling Guide

In the World of Warcraft, there is always competition and fighting amongst factions.  If you have chosen your side, and it happens to be the Horde, then this is the guide for you!!  Many people out there despise the Alliance and vice versa.  This guide allows you to benefit as a member of the Horde with all the necessities one would need to level quicker than most, with many hints and tips to have you wealthy and full of materials to make or break the economy.  To make things even better this guide also offers the ever-so-popular in-game mod that goes step-by-step, and is already linked to wowhead.

Joana was the first to 60 on 6 different servers since vanilla WoW, so he has the knowledge to guide anyone, brand new to the game or extreme veteran, to the end of their leveling phase faster than ever imagined.  The guide itself offers, since it’s in-game, an easy-to-use on and off button, so that it won’t be in the way of your battles or other endeavors.  The waypoint arrows are what really make this guide supurb.  No more will you get lost, stuck in a mountain, die from trailing off-course, or wonder what to do next.  You might think you’re cheating, but this guide is 100% legal by Blizzard’s standards.

One great addition to this guide is that coordinates are listed for EVERYTHING.  The guide is organized very well with leveling areas, detailed and complete pictures, and exact paths to take.  Joana has made sure that the pictures are EXTREMELY helpful, making sure everything is mapped out to its full potential.  If you love the Horde, and would never defect to the Alliance, then this is the perfect, most versatile guide for you.  Why look for any other guides?  Don’t wait any longer than you already have and go STRAIGHT to Joanas site now!

Incredible method of leveling but only covers the Horde.
Full Package Features:

  • 1 – 70 Horde Leveling Guide
  • 70 – 80 Horde Leveling Guide
  • Fast, Easy Installation
  • Automatic Waypoint Arrows
  • Multiple Guide Versions
  • Step-By-Step Guide Following Joana's Super Fast Route
  • Over 100 Videos
  • Coordinates Listed For Everything
  • Everything Linked To WoWhead
  • Free Updates
Full Package Price$77.00
Warranty Information8 week 100% money-back guarantee
FormatInstant Online Access and In-game addon
Customer SupportEmail

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