Dugi’s Dungeon Leveling Guide

Dugi’s Horde and Alliance WoW Leveling Guides are the most extreme, informative, and detailed guides you will find.  You can always get one guide that suits an individual need, or get the bundle package and have everything you will ever need to excel in World of Warcraft.  There is so much variety with Dugi’s guides you will NEVER feel lost or overwhelmed with leveling, acquiring gold, farming mats, earning achievements, or just downing that one raid boss your guild has been struggling with.  There are by far too many things to mention about Dugi’s guides, but I’ll help point out a few.

Dugi is the only person to create an all new method of leveling, the dungeon leveling method.  No one else praises this method in their guides, making THESE guides the fastest and most versatile guides ever!  There is an easy quest skipping feature allowing you to move freely from questing to dungeon leveling in no time flat.  The guide also auto-translates to your native language.  If you have the whole bundle, then switching guides may seem too much for you, but don’t be alarmed, it’s incredibly easy and fast.  It is also divided into zones rather than a level bracket.  The guides cover 100% of the zones, including starting zones for the Blood Elves and Draenei.

All in all, if you want to get your money’s worth, this is the guide for you.  Fully customizable with detailed information you never knew, even if you are a seasoned player.  There is no denying that if you should acquire Dugi’s guides, you will be more than satisfied.  You might even end up telling everyone you know about it.  Don’t take my word for it, just go to Dugi’s site now!!!                                                                     

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Most variety for your money's worth.

Full Package Features:

  • 1 – 80 Horde Leveling Guide
  • 1 – 80 Alliance Leveling Guide
  • Alliance Dailies & Events Quest Guide
  • Horde Dailies & Events Quest Guide
  • Alliance Dungeon Leveling Guide
  • Horde Dungeon Leveling Guide
  • In-Game Leveling Talent Guide
  • WoW PvP Strategies
  • Macro Guide For All Classes
  • Gold Farming & Auction House Guide
  • 1-450 Profession Guide
  • Instructional Dailies Videos
  • 9 Seasonal WoW Events Guide
  • Compatible With The Ultimate WoW Guide
  • Complete Dungeon Quest Guide
  • Complete Maps For Classic, TBC, & WotLK Dungeons
  • Detailed Tool Tip Descriptions
  • 10 Class Gear Guides For Classic, TBC, & WotLK
Creator:Dave Farrell (dugi)
Full Package Price$127.00
Warranty Information60 Day 100% money-back guarantee
FormatIn-game addon
Customer SupportContact form, Email, Forum Support
Official Sitewww.ultimatewowguide.com
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