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Zygor's Elite BundleIt would seem Zygor’s guides are the best selling, jaw dropping guides to date.  There is good reason for this, with so many features and alternate languages.  Not to mention it comes with an Alliance and Horde package, all plastered to your UI, in-game.  That’s right, the add-on format takes away all your inconveniences from tabbing out to view web pages and saved files.

Fully customizable windows, ranging from the color and transparency of the background, to the detailed, multi-step task box and directional arrow to finish quests fast, efficiently, and profitably.  It may sound hard at first, especially for those who are add-on illiterate, but it’s by far the easiest of them all to figure out.  Noobs fear not, Zygor will help you out.

Some people tend to fear add-ons for many purposes, mostly because of their operating system and computer potential.  All of Zygor’s guides run on any operating system!!  No more worries from here on out about if you can understand and even use this guide.  Its purpose is to deliver knowledge and tips about the game, with as much detail and practical use that any one person can desire.  Zygor offers the quality of a highly-informed, convoluted guide, but with much more ease than you could ever expect.  If you like what you’ve read so far, then head straight to Zygor’s World of Warcraft Guides.

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Very informative but doesn't cover all the essentials.
Full Package Features:

  • 1 – 80 Horde Leveling Guide
  • 1 – 80 Alliance Leveling Guide
  • Alliance Dailies & Events Quest Guide
  • Horde Dailies & Events Quest Guide
  • Level To 80 In Only 7 Days
  • No Grinding, Just 100% Questing
  • Talent Advisor To Maximize Damage Output
  • Never Sends You On Impossible Tasks
  • Parallel Updates With WoW Patches
  • In-Game Mod Fully Customizable
  • Highly Detailed Quest Descriptions
  • Covers All Class Specific Quests
  • Works On All Operating Systems
  • 100% Free Lifetime Updates
  • In-Game Dual Spec Talent Guide
  • Complete Maps For Classic, TBC, & WotLK Dungeons
  • Dynamically Adjusts If You Level Too Fast
  • Auto-Translates To Your Native Language
Full Package Price

  • $60.00 For The Leveling Guide Bundle
  • $50.00 For The Dailies & Events Bundle
Warranty Information8-week 100% money-back guarantee
FormatIn-game addon
Customer SupportContact form, Email, Forum Support
Official Sitewww.zygorguides.com

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